Viiola Bloom

the crumbling forest

Been living in my own room. Been shutting out the light of day. Closet full of daggers and decay 

Forced into the chaos. There’s a little bit of color here. A little bit of time to face some fear

I see you like cathedral candles burning. Like a flickering joy. And you don’t have my heart’s affections. But you’ll have my boy

Thought I was a failure. Was there hope inside my open hand? Just wanted a comrade, understand

No more walking ‘round in circles. No more sleeping in the all-green. Mechanical but I’m not all machine.

Now I can see the seed is growing. Bringing bliss and pain. I feel the blood is boiling in my body. I hear a pulse again

Fastened you anew. See you like a babe. I can. Starting to feel. And I’ll be free. But there’s a price to pay. I won’t cry no more

Every time I think the winter’s ending. The snow is falling again


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