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Viiola Bloom is Vancouver’s Andrew Muller, an active songwriter for 12 years who has a passion for creating unique live experiences and intimate recordings.

The project has been described as Bowie meets A-Ha and The National, with gurgling 80s synths, bouncing drum machines, and Muller’s trademark growling vocals grounding the songs in a unique hauntedness. Viiola Bloom is his efforts to carry this haunting to dramatic depths, with a live show that includes an explosively designed light show powered by video mapping technology and a 9-foot tall functional robot costume.

This giant stage presence blends the natural organic world with the technological world: a moving mouth, wooden arms, 100 watt LED eyes, and his own background story:

100 years in the all-green, the cathedral sanctuary. Clothes in tatters, he still takes royal care of his precious robe; it remains untouched by age or decay.

The stage performance is truly a sight to behold and consistently leaves audiences with an experience that can only be described as theatrical.

What we can bring to an event:

Because our live performance is so unique, we find that it has a profound affect on the audience. Even the most disengaged audiences in bars or pubs still can’t help but be drawn to what is going on on stage. When I show up in a 9-foot tall robot while loading into a venue, people will ask to have selfies with me in the costume. Because the robot is real-time responsive to my movements, I can talk to the audience or people outside the venue while dressed up in this outfit.



Who: Andrew Muller (sole member)

Where: Greater Vancouver Area

Links: Instagram | Facebook (mostly active on Instagram) | Spotify | Apple Music | 


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Email for booking: [email protected]

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