The Story Of Viiola Bloom: Papa, The Garden Cathedral, and Adventure

Papa, a robot, lives alone in the allgreen – an overgrown cathedral garden. He’s lived here for a thousand years and has never seen the outside world.

He has decayed over time, and done his best to create makeshift replacements for himself. His arm, stripped of its metal parts has been replaced with parts from the garden – now adorning wooden veins, muscles, and sinew. He has a large, wooden shoulder pad. While his clothes are in tatters, he still takes precious care of his royal robe, leaving it untouched by age or decay.

He hears a distress signal from outside the safety of the cathedral. He decides to leave for the first time ever. His adventure starts.

Viiola Bloom is a truly exciting new project, the brainchild of Andrew Muller from Vancouver, Canada. Be on the lookout for more music and performances from here on out!

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